Top tips on finding the best fat freezing treatments in Plymouth

More and more of our clients are coming to Flow Aesthetics asking for our tips on finding the best fat freezing treatments in Plymouth, and we can provide very simple advice: book in with us!

As one of our most popular aesthetic services, fat freezing treatments (also called fat reduction) is now more in demand from both women and men.

We also believe that it’s critical to assess each client thoroughly, to ascertain which fat loss treatment will best suit their individual needs. A full consultation is given to each client, to work out and agree their inch loss goals.

As experts on fat reduction treatments in Plymouth, we use various safe technologies designed to reduce or destroy fat cells and in combination with a client’s bespoke requirements. Fat freezing is one of the most popular.

Technically called Cryoptherapy-induced Lipolysis, this is the newest form of non-invasive fat reduction treatment we offer in Plymouth.

Our fat freezing treatments do not damage other cells or tissue, and are conducted in-clinic by our trained and fully-qualified technicians.

Fat freezing treatments involve the controlled cooling of fatty tissue through the skin to artificially induce lipolysis through the process of apoptosis, during which fat cells begins to shrink, break down, naturally metabolised, and removed by the client’s lymphatic system.

Clients will see a fat reduction in the treated area of up between 20-25% from a single session at our Plymouth aesthetics clinic.

Some clients can lose as much as three inches from one fat reduction treatment with us, while others have a slower fat loss. Each client is different.

Our fat freezing and fat reduction treatments usually take around 45 minutes.

Mention this Blog post when you book and also get a 10% discount from us on any course of three or more fat freezing treatments, if booked before 01st October.

To find out more about our popular fat freezing treatments in Plymouth, please get in touch here to book.

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