Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

About Aqualyx fat dissolving injections

Aqualyx is the most effective non surgical fat reduction treatment available on the market, especially for areas that are stubborn and resistant to exercise. For some people this is the perfect treatment who are not suitable for liposuction, or can afford liposuction, Aqualyx will provide these patients a permanent reduction of fat. Aqualyx works well combined with other treatments such as fat freezing or HIFU.

How does Aqualyx work? 

Aqualyx is an injectable fat loss treatment derived from cholic acid. Cholic acid is a natural substance produced by the liver and helps to digest fat. When this is injected, the solution kills the fat cells in that area. These dead fat cells are then flushed through the body by your lymphatic system permanently.

How is the treatment done? 

The treatment is carried out in a clinical room in a sterile manner. The clinician mixes the Aqualyx with Local Anaesthetic to reduce discomfort. The solution is then injected into the area that we target for fat reduction. We recommend you have 2 rounds of injections to see the full benefit. Treatments will be spaced 4 weeks apart. 

Is there any downtime?

You can expect redness, some bruising and swelling that could last up to 48-72 hours. It's best to avoid anti-inflammatory medication (i.e ibuprofen).

Is Aqualyx safe?

Aqualyx has been proven to be safe and effective, reducing stubborn pockets of fat. 

The cost?

Prices vary. Starting from £100 - /area

If you would like more info on our Aqualyx treatments then please feel free to pop us a message!