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Your Skin Doctor - Dr Angela Servis 

As an experienced Aesthetics Doctor based in Plymouth, my patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that define my medical practice.


At Flow we want to help you feel, and look, your best by helping you achieve the outcome that you feel is right for you.

We passionately believe in providing support and education to people considering treatments to enhance their natural beauty. We also want to ensure a safe and positive experience for people on their aesthetic journey.

Wrinkle Smoothing Injections

There are several treatments that are available to smooth away lines and wrinkles. A doctor or nurse can see you in a free consultation to help you assess your needs. Treatments for lines and wrinkles range from a basic topical skin care regime to chemical peels, injectable skin boosters dermal fillers and a few other injectable treatments we can discuss at your appointment.

£150 + £50 Per Area

Dermal Fillers

A way to add hydration and enhance your natural beauty

 Hyaluronic acid used in dermal fillers is a useful treatment option to address age-related changes in skin quality and appearance. It can also be injected into our skin to fill, plump, shape and contour specific areas. It is naturally occurring in our skin, joints, eyes and connective tissue. The most important characteristics of HA is that it has a very high capacity for retaining water, and therefore hydrating the skin. It is present in large quantities in the extracellular matrix (ECM) in our skin. Sadly it’s abundance can this deteriorate with age. Because of its significant hydrophilic nature, that is its ability to attract and bind water molecules, HA is important for maintaining structure and volume in the skin. Collagen, elastin, and HA team up to form the supportive scaffold of the skin, providing structure, and texture and that natural youthful glow. Hyaluronic acid also plays a role in tissue and wound repair. In the joints, HA is present in cartilage and synovial fluid, acting as both a lubricant and shock absorber. It’s clever stuff! It can be applied to: • Reduce wrinkles and facial/ neck lines. • Restructure or embellish cheeks. • Amend or embellish lip shape. • Lessen the appearance of sagging and age related volume loss. • Reduce the appearance of depressions in the skin caused by acne scars or injury. • Improve elasticity and hydration of facial, hand, neck and neckline skin. Prices depend on the area of treatment and what product suits your needs. Prices vary on brand and quantity of filler used. •

Lips 0.5ml £125 or 1ml £220 – £320. • Cheeks £220 – £420.